The law firm CH. KARAGIANNI – A. PANTAZIDOU AND ASSOCIATES is consistently active across a wide range of Greek law.

Civil Law

Civil Law is one of the most extensive fields of Greek law and it regulates five areas. Our law firm specializes and has experience in all areas and it handles cases involving contractual disputes, judicial claims and inheritance law issues, with an emphasis on the following:

A. Family law

Civil partnership, marriage, divorce, alimony and child support, disputes between parents and offspring, issues of share in marriage acquisitions, surrogate motherhood, in vitro fertilization (homologous or heterologous), effect of heterologous fertilization on the relations of the spouses following the dissolution of the marital relationship, post-mortem fertilization, single-parent family, adoption.

B. Medical liability issues

Doctors’ liability in the course of providing their services, cases of patient compensation, insurance company liability.

C. Real estate sector

Leasing, buying and selling, issues of adverse possession, disputes in rem.

D. National Cadastre

Legal issues arising from the compilation of the National Cadastre, registration of inscribable rights, petitions to rectify obvious errors in rights or appeals as the case may be, handling of problems regarding cadastral inscriptions, petitions to amend geometric information, suits to rectify inscribed rights as the case may be, e.g. suit to acknowledge ownership due to inscription as unknown owner, etc. Gathering of all necessary documents to fill in the petitions and inscribe properties.

Commercial Law

The firm handles all aspects of Commercial Law, with particular emphasis on the following: 

A. Establishment of personal and share capital companies, establishment and operation of shopping malls, company mergers with emphasis on acquisitions, negotiations with banks, preparation of documentation for presentation before the Hellenic Competition Commission, advise and consultation on the establishment and operation of companies of all types, formulation and drawing up of commercial contracts, settlement of disputes from credit titles, industrial property (trademarks)

Β. Competition law

Unfair competition, protection of competing businessmen, consumer protection, protected persons and protection techniques, patent law, correlation with copyright law, tort/ delict law, competitive acts the practice of which exceeds moral bounds.

C. Company consolidation and bankruptcy

D. Sanitary and marketing provisions

Briefing companies on the existing legal framework, expediting their dossiers before the competent services, filing appeals and providing representation before the Hellenic Food Authority (EFET), filing appeals before the Ministry for Development, etc.

Tax Law

Out-of-court or judicial resolution of any and all tax-related issues in harmonization with European Community Law, with particular emphasis on:

A. Providing legal counsel on tax affairs concerning the taxation of the income of natural and legal persons, inheritance taxes, capital taxes, real estate transfer taxes and property taxes in general, as well as any other kind of taxes

B. Provision of legal counsel regarding issues that arise from double taxation (concerning foreign nationals who are also taxed in Greece)

C. Trying of tax disputes before the administrative authorities and the administrative courts

Labour Law

The firm undertakes all Labour Law cases, with particular emphasis on the following:

Α. Researching and drawing up of labour – corporate contracts

Β. Resolution of labour disputes

C. Labour union issues

D. Worker suspension issues

E. Labour issues following the transfer of a business or the splitting-off of a sector

F. Labour issues following consolidation or bankruptcy of natural or legal, private or public persons

G. Seasonal employment and piecework

H. Overwork and overtime issues

I. Subsidized employment programs

Criminal Law

The firm undertakes all criminal law cases, with particular emphasis on the following:

A. Criminal negligence of company representatives

Β. Medical negligence

C. Tax Code violations

D. Customs Code violations


Agricultural Law

The firm undertakes all Agricultural Law cases, with particular emphasis on the following:

A. Leasing of agricultural land

B. Subsidies for agricultural products

C. Reimbursements for farmers

D. Settlement issues

E. Issues of restitution for landless peasants

Investment Law

Due diligence, expert opinions, legal counsel services, in- and out-of-court support to facilitate clients’ investment activities, and representation of clients in important negotiations.

Provision of legal, financial, and tax advice for real estate acquisition.

Energy Law

Drawing up and legal check of energy contracts, provision of legal services in the areas of production, distribution and supply of electrical power and renewable energy sources.